My name is Patricia Feliciano.

A full-time student by day and part-time sales associate by night… and weekends and on my days off school. Hey, a shopaholic’s gotta make her money somehow. I’m a 4th year student, currently majoring in both Communications and Professional Writing. I’ve been blogging for many years now. I find it’s a great form of expression and perfect for documenting the interesting and not so interesting times of my life.

Besides blogging, I’ve attached myself to the rest of the social media world. I’m addicted to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Tumblr, just to name a few. Twitter and I have become really close due to all the opportunities it’s given me. Since Twitter is kinda like speaking on a megaphone, I reached out to thousands of people to vote for me and send me on a free trip to Belgium. I love my share of celebrities, so when I was able to have a conversation with Kick-Ass director Jeff Wadlow on Twitter, then become an extra in the movie?! I knew I would be forever in debt to social media.

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Working in retail for 5 years and all I have to say is…

“I hate customers.”

Don’t get me wrong, I helped plenty of genuinely nice people. But, the scale is definitely tilting more on the side of inconsiderate customers with attitude. There should be a law where everyone must work as a sales associate for a minimum of 6 months before they can go shopping. Thanks to retail, I learned more than just folding clothes and using the cash register. I’ve seen both sides of this consumer world. I’m that customer who knows what going on behind that ‘Staff Only’ door.

So here’s a blog to exposing the unfamiliar side of retail, or for my fellow sales associates, a blog where we can join together and vent.

Don’t worry customers, my blog will change your life. Your shopping life that is.


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