Behind The Scenes: Bending The Rules (6B)
Remember the time at the bank and the teller said, “Hey, want $50 bucks?” and then handed you free money?
Or how about the time at McDonald’s and your server said your Big Mac and extra large fries were on the house?
How about the time when you walked into a store and asked a another discount, and the sales associate said, “Of course, I can do that for you!”

No? Don’t remember any of the above happening? That’s because these fine employees ARE doing their job and NOT breaking the rules.

Everyday At Work…

I encounter at least one individual that will stand out from the rest and demand special treatment. That special treatment includes and is not limited to:

  • Extra discount
  • Using the employee washroom
  • Putting things on hold (whether it is even allowed or longer than we will accept)

When customers ask me these questions, all I think in my head is…

“What makes you so special to receive these privileges?”

What makes everything much worse are the times when customers give attitude because they do not get what they want.

I get it, the world be a much happier place if all the clothes we ever wanted were free or as a regular citizens, we were allowed behind the staff only doors.

But this is a business, and exactly how a previous post title reads, us sales associates and other employees are merely doing ‘Our Job’.


“Can I get (insert outrageous discount number here) off my purchase?”

No. You cannot. These prices are not set by the associates themselves but by the higher powers at head office. Thank the buyers of the company that purchase the items you see in the stores. Thank them for the prices you are so unhappy with. As sales associates, we cannot do anything but follow the rules and abide by whatever sale or discount is happening at the moment.

If we were to type in an unapproved discount at the cash register, that would be the cost of our butts out the door.

Exactly what I’ll be saying if I got in trouble giving the customer what he/she wanted

We will technically be committing a theft by allowing customers to walk out the doors with merchandise that are not fully paid for.


“Can I use your employee washroom? Or can I go to your stock room and check if my size is back there myself?”

No. There is a reason why certain areas in the store are for employees only.

Was that a serious question?!

Was that a serious question?!

Hence the reason why these areas are labeled ‘Employees Only’. If you forgot, I do have a post on how to read. I’m not exactly teaching you how to read but reiterating the importance of it, which you can check out here – ‘The Finer Things In Life’.


“Can I put this on hold for (insert outrages length of time here)”

The policy for putting things on hold varies from store to store. As far as I know, the most any store can put something on hold is a week. The majority of them are usually 48 hours.

Then there are those special days where stores have grand sales, usually occurring on Black Friday or Boxing Day. One day sales and door crashers are pretty common. A door crasher is when an amazing deal is only limited to the first 3-5 people in line. Customers asking if they can put an item on hold totally defeats the purpose of first come first serve on those sale days. Ignoring the fact that people who want the deals, camp out for sales or come early day of.

Also, there have been many times where a customers will ask to put an item on hold then never return for it. All the while another customer was looking for that exact item, but since you’ve put it on hold they cannot purchase it. Is that fair?

Girl, tell me about it!

Girl, tell me about it!


There you have it customers, that’s how our business works. These are the rules that we must abide and follow! We don’t call the shots, we only enforce them! 

Customers, after reading this post, what is the craziest thing you’ve asked an associate to do? 

Happy Shopping!


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