Fitting Room Etiquette (5B)

Fitting Room

Shopping for clothes always resorts to using the change room. It is pretty much essential to try on the clothes before purchasing them, ensuring the stuff you selected:

  • Look good on you
  • Fit you properly

Sometimes things look better when they are on a hanger or on a mannequin. All our body types are different and unique. The end result can only be determined by visiting the fitting room.

X Marks the Spot

Locating the fitting room can sometimes be very difficult. Referring back to my previous post ‘The Finer Things In Life’, I talk about how reading is very important. In many stores there are signs hanging all over the place, pointing customers in the direction of where they may need to go. Some stores even have huge signs labeling certain departments. LADIES, MENS, CHILDREN, SHOES, and then there’s… FITTING ROOM.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to read. I also cannot stress enough how many times customers will come up to me and ask, “Where’s the fitting room?”

My reaction is a deep stare, moving my arm and pointing them towards the sign that clearly labels FITTING ROOM, all without breaking eye contact.

"Is this the fitting room?!"

“Is this the fitting room?!”

Now for the stores that do not have a clear sign, don’t be afraid to ask a sales associate!

Get A Room!

There are two ways of obtaining a room to try things on.

  1. Sales associate will greet you, ask how many items you have and then lead you to an available room
  2. Choose the room yourself.

Common courtesy is required for the second one. Make sure there is no one in there before you barge in like you own the place! Nobody likes to have someone intrude on him or her while they have their top or bottom half way on. It’s a simple knock before you open that door.

Personal Hygiene

What’s worse than reminding people to read? Reminding people to shower.

There is not a day where the fitting rooms will end up smelling like flowers. It completely mind boggles me how people will think it is okay to leave their house smelling like B.O. Too lazy to shower? At least cover up with some perfume or a light body spray. It is not only embarrassing for you but also inconsiderate to the other people in the store – customers and associates.

How would you feel walking into a room filled with someone else’s stench? It isn’t pretty and I cannot even count for the life of me, how many times I air-gagged at the smell some people leave behind.

What Would Your Mother Say?

Remember when you were younger and your parents would complain day in and day out about not leaving your clothes on the floor? Yeah, that doesn’t just pertain to your bedroom.

It is not pleasant for the sales associate to walk into a fitting room and have clothes all over the floor. I understand, you don’t have to buy the clothes to try on. But to leave them on the floor when you’re done is completely disrespectful to the product and to the next people that may want to buy them. I’m pretty sure you don’t walk into a store, see a shirt on the floor and say to yourself, “Oh that shirt looks beautiful underneath that table, I’m going to buy it!”

When you are done, simply pass them to the sales associate. If there isn’t one present, there is usually a table outside the fitting room. A pile on a table is definitely better than a pile on the floor.

Honorable Mentions

Ryan Gosling, you totally get me!

Ryan Gosling, you totally get me!

“Do I need to keep on my panties to try on this bikini?”

Oh of course not, go ahead spread your nasty poom poom germs all over that bikini bottom. Really, it’s completely fine. If you don’t want it then we’ll put it back out on the floor for another customers to try on without panties……… Seriously, c’mon have some common sense. That is absolutely disgusting and I literally said ew to the lady that asked me this.



“My kid peed in there.”

There is a difference between a fitting room and a washroom. One of them doesn’t have a toilet. Figure it out. This lady left with no apology nor a helping hand to clean up after her kid.



If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Fitting rooms help customers decide whether or not they want something, without the hassle of going home, not liking it and then coming back to the store to return it. It is essential in a day of shopping but at the same time, the fitting rooms should not be abused. Please be considerate of everyone around you because you will not be the only one using it.

Have any funny stories from the fitting rooms? Comment below and share!

Happy Shopping!


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