How To Make Shopping Faster & Easier (1E)

Would you want this mess at your house?

I stand in the woman’s section of the store. I focus on:

  • perfectly folding sweaters
  • sizing each and every pile

I organize the blue shirts with the blue shirts and hang up scarves in a neatly fashion. My section is almost perfect! I thank God no one really goes shopping on a Monday night. And then…




A customer enters my part of the store.


Seth Cohen understands my pain…

“Hi there, can I help you find anything today?” I ask politely. She smiles and shakes her head. I guess she is just browsing and doesn’t need any of my help, so I direct my attention back to organizing the clothes. A few seconds later, I unglue my eyes from the sweater I’m folding and look up.

Half folded and half destroyed by a heartless monster

This woman who wasn’t looking for anything, was suddenly ripping through the pile of shirts I JUST folded and sized.

I take a deep breath to calm my nerves. I stop myself from pulling this lady’s hair out. I look at her and say, “What. Size. Are. You. Looking. For?”

“It okay, I’m just looking,” the lady giggles to me.

Lady… there is nothing funny about you ruining a neat pile of clothes and then telling me that you are just looking. Lying is bad!!

Lemme Tell You Something!

Customers, you need to understand that sales associates are here to help you and not ruin your lives. Tell us what you want and we will get it for you without wrecking half the store. Nevertheless, we know how to look for things. Because in all honesty, you do not need to open every single shirt just to check the size – that’s what tags are for!





Let me share with you all some guidelines on how you can effectively shop in a store, full of clothes, without having the sales associates cursing you behind your back:

Situation 1: DIY

How helpful!

I understand that some people like to shop on their own without being bothered. Or some people may not feel comfortable talking to a stranger. Here’s a way you can help yourself … without leaving the clothes looking like a bomb went off in that section.

  1. Walk into store
  2. Sales Associate will greet you and ask if you need any help, smile and politely respond with, “No”
  3. Look around for what you like
  4. Find desired item
  5. Look at tags and gently pull out your size

Voila! There was no need to pull apart and open every single shirt. Let me remind you that all the shirts/pants are the same, the only thing that changes is that size. So why not pull out the size you already need? Sounds better than opening up that XS, analyzing it, touching it, then throwing it aside when you really needed the Medium.

Situation 2: Help us help you!

Sales Associates are there for a reason, to assist customers. We are not maids, cleaning up after every person that decides to throw pants and shirts on the floor. Let us make your shopping experience easier, while you make our job easier!

  1. Walk into the store
  2. Sales Associate will greet you and ask if you need any help, smile and politely say, “Yes”
  3. Tell Sales Associate what item you need and in what size
  4. Wait patiently while sales associate finds what you are looking for
  5. Sales Associate returns with your desired item

It can be so easy, if you let it be! Without lifting a finger you now have that perfect dress, sweater, shirt, pair of pants, or shoes, in your hand. You are now ready to try them on in the fitting room or head straight for the cash register. Keep checking back and I’ll be sure to cover other retail store etiquettes, without driving the sales associates crazy!

Good job!

Fellow sales associates! How painful is it watching someone undo all the hard work you’ve done at work? Take advantage of this post to vent and comment below with your experiences!

Customers! Sales associates can be your temporary best friend and lending hand when shopping, don’t make them your enemy! I don’t hold grudges and would love to hear your sides of the story! Comment below and share a time when a sales associate made your experience worth while.

Happy Shopping!


3 responses to “How To Make Shopping Faster & Easier (1E)

  1. My biggest frustration is when customers try to be too ‘helpful.’ As much as I love customers who are kind, courteous, and pleasant to work with, there is one thing about those customers that drives me crazy.. I realize that doing your own put backs must seem like a fabulous idea and you are doing the sales associates a tremendous favor.. but you’re not. You must see, knowing that each store has an intricate way of folding their clothing like origami, we have to hunt down everything you ‘so kindly’ put back so we can then re-fold, re-size, and reorganize it. Taking us 5X longer to do our jobs will not make us see you as helpful, just annoying.

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